MGB Roadster
The original MGB coachwork was not built with longevity in mind and the factory finish was not up to today's standards of body finishing.  It is inevitable that bodywork will need some form of restoration.  This page steers the visitor to items of coach-work restoration. Click on the following links to go to the pages of interest.
MGB Roadster sill repairsThe sills on an MGB, particularly the Roadster, are an important part of the structural strength and integrity of the car.  Follow this link to learn how to replace the sills.
MGB Roadster rear wing repairRepairing rear wings is often a better option than replacing the whole wing.  Follow this link to find out how.
MGB Roadster rear wheelarch repairThe rear wings on an MGB are prone to rust around the wheel-arch joint between the outer wing and the inner wheel-arch.  Follow this link to learn about repairs.
MGB Roadster rear spring bracket repairRear spring mounting brackets are exposed and can be prone to rust over a long period of time.  Follow this link to learn about effective repairs to the front brackets.
MGB Roadster rear springmount bracket repairThe rear spring rear mounting brackets are exposed to water and dirt being thrown up by the wheel and over a period of time can suffer from rust.  Follow this link to learn about repairs to the rear brackets.
MGB Roadster front wing repairMoisture can get trapped behind the front wings which makes them prone to rusting from the inside outwards. Fortunately the wings are bolted on and can easily he replaced.  Follow this link to learn how.
MGB Roadster bulkhead repairBefore fitting a new front wing it is essential that the inner wing is in sound condition and any repairs must be undertaken before the wing is fitted. Follow this link to learn how to repair the inner wing area.
MGB Roadster floorpan repairMGB Roadsters can be less than waterproof and as a consequence can suffer from rust in the floor pan area where water has penetrated.  Follow this link to learn how to repair the floorpan.
MGB Roadster boot floor repairThe MGB boot floor can suffer from rust both on the inside due to water ingress and on the outside where it is exposed to the elements.  Follow this link to learn how to replace the boot floor.
TechSpec   For MGB Technical specifications follow this link.
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