MGB Roadster
This site will try to avoid describing mechanical work normally included in a workshop manual unless it is to outline an alternative method.  This page steers the visitor to mechanical restoration items that have been included in the site.  Click on the following links to go to the pages of interest.
MGB Roadster modified regulatorMGB models built before November 1967, when the Mark II was introduced, have a Positive earth electrical system.  Follow this link to learn how to convert to negative earth.
MGB Roadster brake servoCompared to modern cars the MGB brakes can seem heavy and assistance in the form of a servo is a useful contribution to brake efficiency.  Follow this link to learn how to fit a servo.
MGB Roadster overdrive gearboxMGBs built prior to 1976 had overdrive as an optional extra and many cars were sold without this option.  Follow this link to learn how to add an overdrive to a 3 synchro gearbox.
TechSpec  For MGB Technical specifications follow this link.

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