MGB Roadster project car
Once a project car has been found you must then decide where to start the restoration.  Where to start very much depends on the condition and restoration work involved.  The first task is to make an assessment of work required - both mechanics and bodywork.  If the body of the car is in poor condition and your experience of welding etc. is fairly limited then it may be worth buying a new body.  The new body can be delivered already painted and it is the only a question of refurbishing mechanical and electrical components and refitting them.

If you decide to restore the body, first you must make it safe.  Strip out all inflammable items such as fuel tank, fuel line, interior carpets etc., wiring loom, batteries, sound insulation and anything else that might cause a fire when welding or grinding.  Be aware that welding, grinding and other hot work are fire hazards and it is worth checking that there is nothing in your workshop that may be inflammable.  Also take out the drive train and all ancillaries - especially if they are to be replaced or refurbished.  Leaving the axles in place is useful to manoeuvre the body during the restoration.  Inevitably the car will be raise to a convenient working height so ensure that it is safe to work on using good quality supports.

It is important to get some strength into the body to maintain some rigidity, especially with the Roadster which does not have a roof to give it strength.  The best place to start is to replace the sills.  Most MGBs will need sill replacement if they have not already been done.  From there follow on work should become apparent as you progress.

TechSpec  For MGB Technical specifications follow this link.


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